About Fred's Fabrication

Currently, Fred's Fabrication is a custom shop that makes one-off parts and components. Fred's Fabrication was once a small and thriving business that employed a half dozen employees. It is now scaled back to the part-time husband and wife shop as when it first started. Only now there's a lot more equipment.

Fred & Evette Eickelmann - FredsFab.com

Fred & Evette Eickelmann are the people behind Fred's Fabrication, located in Cuba, MO, USA. Not only are they married to each other, but they are best friends.

Fred has a degree in machine tool technology and experience in all welding and metal forming methods.

Evette learned her fabrication skills in the US Navy and her administration skills from the school of hard knocks.

Together this duo has completed many projects and satisfied many customers.

Fred & Evette Eickelmann - FredsFab.com

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